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  • Facilitating efficient research project management

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Biospecimen-Smart’s mission is to provide support to research teams to help them build high-quality bioresources efficiently and cost-effectively.  This service provides concise, expert advice on the management of biospecimen and cryopreserved cells collections, leading to better research productivity and sustainability.


Our services are tailor-made based on your team’s requirements and provide practical advice and knowledge to ensure your research cell banking project is a success. 


Biospecimen-based research involves the systematic collection and storage of biological samples and associated clinical data.  In biospecimen-based research well-annotated, high-quality biospecimens are fundamental for achieving results validity, regulatory compliance and better research productivity.   


Cell banking is an integral component in health and medical research projects and well- planned cell banks are critical for projects that are leading towards the translation to cellular therapies.


Translating best practices into actionable workflows for biobanking activities represents unique challenges. Expert planning, risk-based thinking, implementation of a quality management system and efficient operational management are essential for a successful research outcome and sustainability. Projects with a potential to translate into cell therapy or pre-clinical studies need to ensure that their processes are robust and GMP-compliant. 


Advantages of working with Biospecimen-Smart

Cell Banking Support

Cell banking consultant

At Biospecimen-Smart we provide a service to train, educate and support researchers in all aspects of cell banking.  Whether you are establishing a new collection of cell lines or a mature operational cell bank - our practical advice and knowledge will ensure your projects’ success.

Quality Management Consulting

Biobank quality management

Biospecimen-Smart’s consultation service will help your team implement Cell Bank Quality Management processes to ensure you avoid risk and create value for your bioresources and research projects.


Biobank training

Biospecimen-Smart’s training provides customised programs for researchers at all levels to ensure that your team efficiently manages the biorepository and get the most out of all the bioresources.

Health Checks

Biobank health check

The Biospecimen-Smart Health Check will identify potential issues of your bioresource and provide recommended actions. 

Advantages of working with Biospecimen-Smart

You can't be an expert on everything. A successful biorepository requires a skill set in addition to scientific/research expertise.  To be successful you need knowledge in quality control, ethics, regulatory requirements and implement the appropriate business model.   Biospecimen-Smart has specific expertise to ensure that your biorepository is viable and successful.


Whether you are starting a new biorepository, expanding or upgrading your current biospecimen collection, getting assistance from an experienced consultant could make a big difference to your operational quality, efficiency and business continuity.

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Cell banking and cryopreservation and biomedical research management
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