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Biospecimen-Smart provides services and resources to biomedical researchers on all aspects of establishing, managing and operating a cell bank.

Cell banking requires a multidisciplinary, professional staff that with knowledge in all aspects of the process including technical, managerial, governance and the ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI). 


Cells that are cryopreserved as per best practices generally retain their integrity for more than 10 years and provide endless opportunities for biomedical innovation. In addition, ensuring your cell banking procedures are GMP-compliant is critical in the planning phases for those research projects translating into cell therapy or pre-clinical studies. It is important to have procedures that maintain the original cell stocks in good quality for the entire life cycle of a translational project.


Biospecimen-Smart ensures that your team is trained in:


  • Planning for a cell banking project, aligning with your strategic research goals

  • Developing GMP-compliant procedures

  • High-level technical skills

  • Implementation of a quality management system

  • Efficient operational management


Whether your team is based on an academic institution, biotech, pharmaceutical industry or clinical facilities - Biospecimen-Smart can deliver advice to your team in a consulting capacity or in training or workshop formats. Our services will be tailored as per the staff competency level.

Cell Banking Support

Cell banking and Biobanking

Biospecimen-Smart’s cell banking expertise will help you translate your biorepository vision to research success.


Cell Bank Quality Management Consulting

Biobanking and cell banking best practices

Learn how Biospecimen-Smart’s training solutions can improve your team’s productivity and efficiency.

Cell Banking Training

Cell banking techniques

Find out how a customised training program can help your team improve their expertise and knowledge in all aspects of biobanking. 


Health Checks

Biobank sustainability

Don’t wait until it is too late.  A Health Check can identify issues and provide plans to mitigate risks before problems occur and ensure service continuity.     

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