Cell banking information and tips

How to establish cell banks with better sustainability?

Setting: Establishing Research project–specific cell banks with better sustainability 

There are many challenges to overcome in creating research project–specific cell banks with long-term sustainability. Well-established cell banks will, however, prevent costly delays at the late stages of projects and increase the likelihood of success. Taking time to plan projects in detail and effectively integrating essential systems will enable cell banking researchers to develop high-quality, sustainable cell resources for their project needs as well as meet the ever-evolving demands of their collaborators or end users.


Tips for building a well-established cell bank: 

  • Develop a project-specific bioresource acquisition plan

  • Involve collaborators or key users in the cell-bank design (codesign)

  • Incorporate quality into the design

  • Apply evidence-based techniques

  • Ensure proper record keeping and traceability

  • Employ a secure data management system

  • Create back-up storage of cells

  • Promote your bioresources and collaborate broadly

  • Have a sound business model

  • Secure long-term financial support, preferably from multiple sources

  • Get expert inputs as required