Implementing Cell Banking Best Practice 

Strategy | Efficiency | Productivity

A biorepository provides endless avenues of opportunity for biomedical innovations in translational research and personalised patient care. Translating Cell Banking best practices into achievable, efficient workflows represents unique challenges. 

Cell banking is a multistep process that varies from project to project. The efficient management of your biospecimen collection increases your research outputs and compliance while reducing waste and redundancy. 

Biospecimen-Smart’s cell bank consultants have unique skill sets to the knowledge required your team needs to plan, implement, mitigate risk, manage and ensure the sustainability of your bioresources.


Biospecimen-Smart cell banking consultations are available as a one-time assessment or on a continuous advisory basis.

Cell Banking Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Quality management for biobanks

Biospecimen-Smart has expertise in helping to implement a systematic approach to quality management including Quality Control Policies (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA). Successful QMS implementation ensures improved productivity, greater compliance, increased sustainability and maximising stakeholder satisfaction.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Documentation

Cell banking protocols

Your SOPs are the written step-by-step instructions used to ensure consistency, accuracy, and quality of data.  SOPs reduce user errors, ensure compliance with the study protocol, regulations, and international standards and can be used as training tools Biospecimen-Smart can guide your team through the best practices for writing and implementing SOPs

Sample, Data and Record Management 

Biospecimen, records and data management

A crucial step in ensuring the validity of your results is choosing and implementing a robust management system to ensure compliant and secured annotation of key analytical, phenotypic data and chain of custody samples and data.

Risk Analysis and Mitigation 

Biobank risk management

Identifying potential risks and having a business management plan and assessment on the laboratory’s approach to sample storage will safeguard your biobanks survival in the “worst case scenario” / disaster preparedness.

Sustainability Assessment

Biobank business model and sustainability planning

Biospecimen-Smart can provide advice on leveraging available institutional resources and improved business planning to ensure long-time viability of your bioresource.

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