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Ianthe Pitout

Health and Research, Murdoch University, Perth

Jan 2018

“Esa’s wealth of knowledge and experience as a researcher and biobank manager really shows through in her in-depth training course on biobank management. Esa is a very engaging instructor who encourages discussion and will tailor-make the training sessions according to your level of expertise and understanding. I thoroughly enjoyed the course material and found it to be a ‘goldmine’ of information and shared knowledge from an expert in the field.


I highly recommend that all scientists who are establishing or managing a biobank take this training with Esa as she will guide you through current international standards and best practices combined with pearls of wisdom from her many years of practical experience in managing a biobank. Thank you once again, Esa, for the wonderful training in biobank management."   

Katja Kanninen PhD

Primary Investigator/Neurobiology of Disease research group

    A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences 

University of Eastern Finland

May 2018

“Esa was instrumental in facilitating the establishment of a new cell bank of olfactory neurospheres collected from patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in my research group. Her in-depth expertise and knowledge on the entire process, starting from planning for the collection of the biospecimens to best practices, their management and quality control issues were critical for our success.


She also established good cell culturing practices for our patient cells, including cryopreservation and cell line management. She was a really great teacher and we are very grateful to Esa for sharing her knowledge with us."   

Gautam Wali, PhD

Early Career Researcher

University of Sydney

Dec 2018

" I have known Esa since the past eight years in multiple capacities. Having previously worked with Esa in the same research team has made me appreciate her commitment and passion towards scientific research. At the Neurogenetics department, Kolling Institute, University of Sydney we are presently developing a biological specimen resource of multiple types of biospecimen coming from patients with multiple neurological disorders and healthy controls. These biospecimen samples range from patient serum, urine, white blood cells and patient-derived stem cells.


Esa has helped us develop this resource at global 20quality standards that aides in using these samples for not only for long term research projects for our laboratory research but also for collaboration with national and international researchers. Her guided approach has provided us with a model that is systematic, high on quality and can be managed with limited time input. I highly recommend her consultation service to researchers including early career researchers, who intend to collect and maintain biospecimens for immediate and long-term projects."

Dr Brad Rosenberg

Managing Director & Director of Research

Overbrook Management Corporation


Feb 2019 

"Esa has deep knowledge of the global sample management industry. She can speak to all of the pertinent trends, opportunities and challenges facing the industry. In addition, she is very affable and engaging." 

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