Experts in Planning, Establishing and Maintaining Cell Banks

Your Cell Banks are only as good as the data it disseminates

Planning a Cell Bank

biospecimen collection and project management

Our team will provide advice on the development of a project plan, address the ethical and regulatory requirements and develop project-specific workflows.

Establishment of Cell Banks or Cell Line Collections

Cell lines cryopreservation and SOPs

Biospecimen-Smart can help researchers in all aspects biospecimen acquisition including consent, quality control, sample processing, management, storage, retrieval and transportation. 

Sample ID, Sample Labelling and Storage

biospecimen collection and labelling

Biospecimen-Smart can help you make informed decisions on cell banking storage systems, sample identification methods and inventory systems.

Good Cell Culture Practices (GCCP)

Good Cell Culture Practices

The quality of the cell lines in your biorepository is dependent on the competency of the operators dealing with them.  Establishing primary cultures and cell lines requires a high level of skills. Our hands-on GCCP workshop will teach your staff the technical skills required to in cell culturing, cell line cryopreservation, cell line management and GMP-compliance. 

Interested in how we can improve your Cell Banking procedures?